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Terms of use

Welcome All, Thank You For Choosing Kalamngy, in order to make your experience online with our site as good as possible we created these rules to prevent any Miss-understanding or conflicts or bad use of contents may happen. please read it carefully before you use the content of the web site.

Rules For Chatters & Members of Chat & All Other Services:

  1. Its Not Allowed to Swear At Allah (GOD) or Any Of The Prophets, or Mention them with any bad word or any bad hint, that will cause infinite ban from using the content of the web site, chat.
  2. Rules In The Above Rule Goes For Governance, Leaders, and religion scientists and famous persons.
  3. Don't Use Any Bad Words, Phrases, or Swear at any of the members, moderatos, Admins, or any other person.
  4. Its Not Allowed To Add Any links For Any Other Web Site in Any Place on the Web Site For Ad Purposes.
  5. Never use Kalamngychat.com for commercial purposes, without explicit written permission from the Administration of Kalamngychat .
  6. Impersonating a Kalamngy Chat staff member will NOT be tolerated. Staff includes Admin, owner, host or any other person\s that Administration deems as staff.
  7. Kalamngy Management reserves the right to remove any material/user which Kalamngy Management finds to be offensive to others. This includes, but not limited to, overt nudity, bigotry, racism, obscenities, violence, and intolerance for any persons with regard to race, creed, religion or sexual preference.
  8. Always be respectful to all users and staff members.
  9. Illegal activities are not endorsed or tolerated in our chat rooms, therefore you may not use the chat rooms to distribute or in any way propagate any illicit or illegal activities.
  10. Never post links to sites or promote any material which could knowingly harm another members computer.
  11. Do not advertise other chat servers here. This is also known as spamming and will NOT be tolerated. This is a MAJOR violation and will result in removal from Kalamngy services.
  12. Reference to any site that promotes or distributes child pornography or any other illegal material/substance will NOT be tolerated.
  13. Parents please be responsible and watch while your children are chatting. If you are a parent and see your child chatting here and have a problem with it, please Contact Us..
  15. Kalamngy wishes to make your Online experience as fun and safe as possible. We do however need your help in doing so. Please report any violations of the C.O.C to Contact Us . You may remain anonymous if you wish.
  16. In keeping with computer safety issues, please refrain from giving out personal information to others online, this includes your address, telephone number and the like.
  17. Kalamngy does not offer any protections or guarantees in regards to scripts or Bots or any third party software for individual rooms. Those who choose to run these scripts do so at your own risk. If you have any questions in regard to these, please forward them to the script creator - PLUS WE WILL BAN ANY BOT OR SCRIPT USER THAT WE KNOW ABOUT, BOTS AND SCRIPTS NOT ALLOWED INSIDE CHAT ROOMS, FORUMS, OR ANY OTHER SERVICE WE PROVIDE.
  18. The trademarks, logos, taglines and images belong to their respective owners. The copyright of other materials on the Kalamngy website belongs to Kalamngy.
  19. We here at Kalamngy hope you enjoy being a part of our family and hope it's a safe and pleasurable event for you.
  20. Thank you and please check the Terms of use Page from time to time for any changes.
  21. Kalamngy reserves the right to change the Terms of use without notice at any given time. The onus is upon the member to be aware of any changes/additions made to the Terms of use.
  22. We would love to hear your feedback, comments and/or suggestions. Please Contact Us and leave any comments, feedback and/or suggestions there.
  23. Updated 25-07-2011



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