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Web Chat service provided by kalamngychat.com is the largest and the most powerfull through the middle east, kalamngy chat is a great place to meet and communicate with a new friends who share your interests from all over the Arab States, the chat rooms equipped with all the entertainment ways to make your visit full of fun managed by acclaimed personalities supervisors and staff, we look forward to develop ourselves and the Chat " dardasha " to acheive your satisfy

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Kalamngy Chat characterized by a lot of features, all for you
A variety of chat rooms covering all the concerns of the visitors
No need to a flash nor java to enter the chat
Easy, Powerfull and exlusive Chat interface
Chat staff to follow-up the chat rooms throughout the day
Chat interface provided with Radio to listen to while chating
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Homepage interface change
Opening of Romance Chat
Opening of Egypt Chat
Opening of All Arab Chat
Welcome to Kalamngy Chat, the top arabic web chat site
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ياسمين : شات كلامنجى افضل شات دخلته ويتميز عن باقي مواقع الدردشة بطاقم الادارة الذي يتفاعل مع الزوار والاعضاء
احمد : الوب شات جميل جدا والواجهة خفيفة وسريعة الي الامام يا كلامنجى
هدي : اسلوب الادارة اكثر من ممتاز ارجو اضافة شات صوتي
سالى : من يوم لي في الشات هنا حبيته جدا وحسيت الكل اصدقائي واخواتي
ابراهيم : بصراحة انتم شات جامد جدا - شكرا جدا علي الموقع الجميل دا

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